A survey of the financial activities of the Churches of Christ in Harris County



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study (1) to determine the specific areas of financial activities of the churches of Christ in Harris County and (2) show the relationship between the amount of money received by the churches of Christ in this county and the amount spent in each area of activity. Methods: The data for this study was obtained by two methods: library research and correspondence. The library research was done at Sam Houston State Teachers College, the Spring church of Christ library, and private sources including that of the writer. The source of correspondence was the individual churches of Christ in Harris Country. Findings: The facts presented by this study seems to indicate the following general conclusion: The churches of Christ in Harris County are engaged in an extensive program of work, but not all of the churches participate in each activity. This is caused by a lack of interest, ability and opportunity.



Churches of Christ--Finance--Texas--Harris County., Houston, Church Finances, Texas