Social Media Influences on Law Enforcement




Diaz, Jesus

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Social media has been around so long that many cannot remember a time without it. It has grown so much in power that it has given people fame, or, in some cases, taken their reputations and washed them down the drain. Social media has become so prevalent that companies and agencies have grown to rely on social media to relay information to the public. This means that law enforcement has a decision to make. The decision to join social media does not seem plausible at first. However, law enforcement should use social media as a tool to control the narrative that the public receives, then the public will only benefit from it. Law enforcement must not be afraid of the changes that are brought to society from social media, but instead embrace them. Social media and law enforcement must work together to create transparency and allow for the public to benefit from social media use. Regardless of the suspicions of having law enforcement use social media, creating a clear social media policy and maintaining it will allow for law enforcement and the public to reap the benefits.



Public Relations, Police--Community Relations, Social Media