Kuwento/Stories: A Narrative Inquiry of Filipino American Community College Students

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The core of this narrative inquiry is the kuwento, story, of eight Filipino American community college students (FACCS) in the southern part of the United States. Clandinin and Connelly’s (2000) three-dimension inquiry space—inwards, outwards, backwards, and forwards—provided a space for the characters, Bunny, Geralt, Jay, Justin, Ramona, Rosalinda, Steve, and Vivienne, to reflect upon their educational, career, and life experiences as a Filipino American. The character’s stories are delivered in a long, uninterrupted kuwento, encouraging critical discourse around their Filipino American identity development and educational struggles as a minoritized student in higher education. Educators, administrators, and researchers have an opportunity to listen to their voices and address their needs so that they no longer exist as the “forgotten Asian American” (Cordova, 1983).

Filipino, Filipino American, Community College, Kuwento, Stories, Identity