Restricting an Officer’s Identity Following an Officer Involved Shooting




Valadez, Amy

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This paper will discuss the benefits and possible negative views on withholding an officers’ identity following an officer involved shooting. This paper will go into further detail and explain why law enforcement agencies should withhold a police officers’ identity following an officer involved shooting. There are three benefits that will be explained in further detail, and they are the mental health of the officer, the safety and retaliation against the officer and creating an unbiased court proceeding for the officer. Two key points that are both a legal issue and social issue are the freedom of information act and the need for transparency from an agency. With technology changing at a rapid pace along with the use of social media, officers have been placed in a position where they are constantly on the “defense” both in their professional and private life. This paper will emphasize the importance of protecting the identity of the officer involved in an officer involved shooting. Agencies should not be pressured into releasing the identities of officer’s, which is what our nation has fallen victim to over the last couple of decades. The public is entitled to certain information, which an agency is obligated to release, however personal identifiers such as an officer’s name, age, ethnicity, and/or race should not be part of that information and should be withheld until the court proceedings have been disposed of.



Police--Community Relations, Conflict Management