Using behavior skills training and video self-modeling to improve greetings in the workplace



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In this study a multiple baseline design was utilized to determine if a treatment package of Behavior Skills Training (BST) and Video Self-Modeling (VSM) would be effective in increasing the initiations of simple greetings of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who were employed or participating in vocational training. The participants were three adult males with ASD, between 29 and 32 years of age, who could verbally imitate or use a speech generating device to say a phrase of three or more words. A greeting sequence consisting of 10 steps was taught and then practiced at the site where greeting skills would be needed. Although not all the steps were achieved by every participant, two of the three participants achieved mastery criteria and all increased the percentage of steps independently initiated in a greetings sequence after the introduction of the skills in a BST training procedure followed by practice with VSM at the work or vocational site. Results of the study show that BST with VSM can be an effective way to increase social initiations for adults with ASD.



Behavior skills training, Video self-modeling, ASD, Greetings, Social initiations, Vocational training