Personality determination based on handwriting analysis and clinical techniques :a comparative study



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Purpose: The objective of this study was to determine whether the analysis of handwriting could be used to indicate personality characteristics of the writer when the theories and interpretations of graphology are applied. Methods: The methods used in this study were: (1) the selection of certain handwriting traits to be studied; (2) the selection of subjects based upon availability of handwriting samples and psychological and psychiatric evaluations previously made of the subjects at the Brownwood Statewide Reception Center for Girls; (3) the analysis and interpretation of the handwriting characteristics using current theories of handwriting analysis; (4) testing the subsequent analyses by having professional handwriting analysts match the handwriting samples with the analyses developed in this study; and (5) a comparison of the personality profiles developed by handwriting analysis and the personality profiles developed by clinical techniques at Brownwood. Findings: 1. There was complete agreement of the handwriting analysts and the personality profiles of four subjects. At least two of the three analysts agreed upon the next five subjects. Only on one girl was there agreement by one analyst and disagreement by the other two analysts. 2. There was general agreement between the personality descriptions developed from the handwriting analysis and the clinical evaluations from Brownwood. In four of the ten subjects there was minor disagreement with regards to one or two personality characteristics, but the majority of characteristics were in agreement.



Graphology., Juvenile delinquents--Psychology., analysis of handwriting, personality characteristics