Building Trust with the Community




Rhodes, Jennifer

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


The relationship between law enforcement officers and the community can continue to improve together as a team daily. In some areas, this issue has become easy to some and harder for others. Since 2001, there has been some significant changes in how law enforcement operates now (Ellis, 2017). There was an error when law enforcement never had cameras as officers patrolled their geographical areas. Now, it has become mandated for law enforcement officers to wear a body worn camera at all times due to recent critical incidents of citizens and officers being killed. Again, times have changed. According to Ellis (2017) “A law enforcement agency that adopts a prevention-focused policing model of community policing will be more successful in building public trust” (para 35). Having a plan that agencies are willing to execute in a positive direction of what is needed in the law enforcement agencies can solve issues quickly. Law enforcement agencies should become serious about adopting more programs that will continue the growth and trust between them and the community. Law enforcement should consider developing a program called 5-0 Straight Talk that will be discussed later in this paper.



Police--Community Relations, Conflict management