History of Fort Bend County



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The purpose in preparing this thesis has been to collect and preserve in permanent form authentic data concerning the historical, economic, and social development of Fort Bend County, one of the oldest counties of our State. It had been interesting to investigate the development of the county has achieved and the relation of its pioneers,--many of whose descendants still live on in original land grants,--to that progress. The sources from which the material for this thesis as been obtained are many and varied. Much of the data has been secured from early histories of the State, Gammel’s Laws of Texas, the United States Census Reports, county and state newspapers, county records, records in the Texas Archives of the State, and correspondence and interviews with professional and business men and other citizens of the county. It is the hope that this study will assist in creating a keener interest in the writing of local history, and that others may undertake a similar task in recording the story of the progress of their counties.



Fort Bend County, Texas History, land grants, history