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  • Releasing Information Following a Critical Officer involved Incident 

    Bowers, Hollis D. (2016-08)
    Historically, law enforcement agencies have been unwilling or unable to properly deal with the release of information following a high profile officer involved critical incident. The mishandling of these types of incidents ...
  • Law Enforcement Agencies Should Use Social Media 

    Andreucci, Richard (2016-08)
    Law enforcement agencies are slowly adopting social media platforms to assist them in connecting to their citizenry. Law enforcement has little to no control over the message the media delivers about them. This lack of ...
  • Cruiser Control - the Wheel to Win 

    Senegal, James K. (2016-05)
    Law enforcement agencies across the nation have neglected the need for advanced driving training, as well as the need for a change in the way law enforcement professionals do business relative to operating emergency vehicles. ...
  • Student Searching with EBSCO Discovery: A Usability Study 

    Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Jones, Glenda; McMain, Lynn; Shen, Lisa; Vieira, Scott (Taylor & Francis (Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship), 2014)
    The researchers conducted task-based usability testing of the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) with 20 students. While most participants felt positively about EDS, a few usability issues emerged. Confusion arose regarding ...
  • Not in Love, or Not in the Know? Graduate Student and Faculty Use (and Non-Use) of E-Books 

    Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Martinez, Michelle; Shen, Lisa (Elsevier (Journal of Academic Librarianship), 2012)
    This study focuses on usage of electronic books (e-books) among advanced researchers, including graduate students and faculty, at a four-year academic institution. The researchers aimed to highlight differences in behavior, ...

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