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  • On the Maintenance and Use of Heritage Finnish among Today’s North American Finnish Migrants: A Survey 

    Halmari, Helena (Transnational Finnish Mobilities, 2019)
    In this chapter, I discuss the maintenance of the Finnish language among today’s North American ethnic Finns, those who have migrated from Finland into North America relatively recently, and, most pronouncedly, after the ...
  • On the Grammar and Rhetoric of language mixing in Piers Plowman 

    Halmari, Helena (Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, 2002)
    In excerpt (1) below, the Dreamer of Langland’s Piers Plowman is expressing his dissatisfaction with friars; the passage is a typical example of what is often called “macaronic language” - a conventionalized style where ...
  • Finnish Women in Gainesville, Florida 

    Halmari, Helena; Halmari-Meneses, Irene (Siirtolaisuus – Migration, 2010)
    In this article, we take a look at Gainesville, a northern Florida university town, as a sample of today’s (2010) Finnish-American immigration patterns. The Gainesville area has a history of Finnish immigration, but, as ...
  • Language Mixing as a Persuasive Strategy in Oxford, MS Bodley 

    Halmari, Helena (Medieval Worlds, 2021)
    One of the salient features of Oxford, MS Bodley 649, a fifteenth-century sermon collection, is its frequent switching from Latin to English - and back to Latin again. Building on Wenzel’s (1994) groundbreaking work on ...
  • Dividing the world: The dichotomous rhetoric of Ronald Reagan 

    Halmari, Helena (Multilingua, 1993)
    The language of politics often divides our world into two groups: those who share our own values, and those who supposedly oppose them. Ex-President Ronald Reagan was a master of the use of dichotomous language. His ...

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