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  • Worksheets for use in Calculus III 

    Loft, Brian (2017)
    These worksheets were designed to be administered once each week during a long semester calculus III course (MATH 2440). Many are designed to supplement material from earlier in the week, some are designed to further the ...
  • Differential Calculus 

    Unknown author (The Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics, 2013-05)
    These notes are intended to be used in first-semester calculus. Rather than having the structure of a typical textbook (narrative, examples, practice problems at home), each chapter consists of a carefully designed sequence ...
  • Strategic Searching Guided Notes 

    Crane, Ashley (2018-08)
    These guided notes were used with a Fall 2018 MATH 1384 - Intro Foundations of Math I, a required course for students seeking elementary or middle school teacher certification, during the first of two library instruction ...
  • What Do You Want from Us? Evaluating Student Interest in Technology-Based Services in Academic Libraries 

    Elkins, Susan; Hwang, Soo-yeon; Kim, Dianna; Manolvitz, Tyler; Mueller, Kat Landry; Owens, Erin (2019)
    Following two previous studies in 2010 and 2013, this study intends to identify current trends of Sam Houston State University students’ technology and communication needs and preferences regarding library services and ...
  • Enhancing Lithium Ion Batteries through Cation Doping and Graphene Coating 

    Zavala, Caleb Alexander (2019-07)
    LiFeP0.1 has emerged as one of the most promising cathode materials for lithium ion batteries for a large variety of applications from smart phones and power tools. to electric vehicles. However. poor electronic conductivity ...

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