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    • Are Serials Worth Their Weight in Knowledge? A Value Study 

      Jones, Glenda Flanagan; Cassidy, Erin Dorris; McMain, Lynn; Strickland, Susan; Thompson, Molly; Valdes, Zachary (Journal of Academic Librarianship (Elsevier), 2015-09)
      The researchers aimed to use qualitative measures to define value as applied to print and electronic serial publications held at Sam Houston State University. Researchers examined faculty key activities—namely, Research, ...
    • Biz of Acq - LibGuides: Changing the Game for Technical Services Procedures & Policies 

      Mueller, Kat Landry; Thompson, Molly; Flinchbaugh, Michelle (Against the Grain, 2015-09)
    • Collecting Sex Materials for Libraries 

      Martinez, Michelle; Landry Mueller, Kat; Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Shen, Lisa; Thompson, Molly; Valdes, Zach (Taylor & Francis Group, 2017-02-21)
      This article analyzes data gathered over a year-long survey of library employees’ opinions of sexually related materials in library collections. Surveys generally examine patron attitudes rather than the attitudes of library ...
    • Faculty-Librarian Micro-Level Collaboration in an Online Graduate History Course 

      Hendrickson, Kenneth E.; Cassidy, Erin Dorris (Elsevier (Journal of Academic Librarianship), 2013-11)
      This paper describes a micro-level faculty-librarian collaboration implemented at the authors' state university to address students' information literacy deficiencies in a graduate-level history research methods course. ...
    • Head First into the Patron-Driven Acquisition Pool: A Comparison of Librarian Selections Versus Patron Purchases 

      Shen, Lisa; Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Elmore, Eric; Griffin, Glenda; Manolovitz, Tyler; Martinez, Michelle; Turney, Linda (Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (Taylor & Francis), 2011)
      Although many recent studies have been conducted on the implementation and results of patron-driven acquisition (PDA) initiatives at academic libraries, very few have focused on whether, or how, patrons’ selections vary ...
    • Higher education and emerging technologies: Shifting trends in student usage. 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Colmenares, Angela; Griffin, Glenda; Manolovitz, Tyler; Shen, Lisa; Vieira, Scott (Journal of Academic Librarianship (Elsevier), 2014-03)
      This study serves as an update to a previous study by Sam Houston State University librarians about the use and preferences of Internet, communication, and educational technologies among students. Since the previous study ...
    • Higher Education and Emerging Technologies: Student Usage, Preferences, and Lessons for Library Services 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Britsch, James; Griffin, Glenda; Manolovitz, Tyler; Shen, Lisa; Turney, Linda (Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association (Reference & User Services Quarterly), 2011)
      This study examines the utilization and preference of popular Internet and communication technologies among students at Sam Houston State University (SHSU), a Carnegie Research Doctoral university in East Texas. The ...
    • Not in Love, or Not in the Know? Graduate Student and Faculty Use (and Non-Use) of E-Books 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Martinez, Michelle; Shen, Lisa (Elsevier (Journal of Academic Librarianship), 2012)
      This study focuses on usage of electronic books (e-books) among advanced researchers, including graduate students and faculty, at a four-year academic institution. The researchers aimed to highlight differences in behavior, ...
    • Off the Shelf: Trends in the Purchase and Use of Electronic Reference Books 

      Korah, Abe; Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Elmore, Eric; Jerabek, Ann (Taylor & Francis (Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship), 2009)
      What is the future direction of reference books? What types of policies are libraries implementing regarding the purchase of electronic reference books? Are libraries still buying hard copy reference items when an electronic ...
    • Open Education, Open Opportunities 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris (2017-03-09)
    • Patron Preferences: Recreational Reading in an Academic Library 

      Mueller, Kat Landry; Hanson, Michael; Martinez, Michelle; Meyer, Linda (The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2017-01)
      Research background and method In 2014, Sam Houston State University Library librarians distributed a survey to students, faculty and staff to better understand how the university community was using library materials for ...
    • Ready, Set, Hire! Perceptions of new technical services librarian preparedness 

      Mueller, Kat Landry; Thompson, Molly; Valdes, Zach (Library Leadership & Management, 2015)
      Previous studies have investigated technical services librarian job availability and preparedness, but have not compared library administrators’ and librarians’ assessments of entry-level technical services librarian ...
    • SHSU Recreational Reading Survey 

      Landry Mueller, Kat; Meyer, Linda; Martinez, Michelle; Hanson, Michael (2014-04-02)
      This online survey was sent to Sam Houston State University students, faculty, and staff on April 2, 2014 on behalf of several SHSU librarians. The purpose of the survey was to gain insight into recreational reading habits ...
    • So Text Me—Maybe: A Rubric Assessment of Librarian Behavior in SMS Reference Services 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Colmenares, Angela; Martinez, Michelle (Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association, 2014)
      Assessment has become a persistently hot topic in the library world, particularly when it comes to establishing value for academic library services. In an effort to assess performance and develop training tools to improve ...
    • Student Searching with EBSCO Discovery: A Usability Study 

      Cassidy, Erin Dorris; Jones, Glenda; McMain, Lynn; Shen, Lisa; Vieira, Scott (Taylor & Francis (Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship), 2014)
      The researchers conducted task-based usability testing of the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) with 20 students. While most participants felt positively about EDS, a few usability issues emerged. Confusion arose regarding ...
    • Students and Federated Searching: A Survey of Use and Satisfaction 

      Korah, Abe; Cassidy, Erin Dorris (Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association, 2010)
      This study assessed student use of and satisfaction with a WebFeat brand federated search tool implemented by the library at Sam Houston State University. Students voluntarily responded to an electronic survey, providing ...