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    • Military Veteran Residential Location and Risk for Lyme Disease 

      McDaniel, Justin T.; Middleton, Wendi K.; Albright, David A.; Thomas, Kate H.; Fletcher, Kari; Black, Eric; Ratnapradipa, Dhititnut (Virginia Tech Publishing (Journal of Veterans Studies), 2018)
      Some research has shown that Lyme disease cases among U.S. military veterans have increased since the early 2000s. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether high concentrations of military veterans live in ...
    • Zika Virus and the Risk for Renter Households 

      Scarbrough, Amanda; Rathnasekara, Heranga; Holt, Melinda; Hill, Jack; Kafle, Ram (MDPI (Infectious Diseade Epidemiology), 2018)
      Recent research on family income indicates that a lack of economic stability can affect healthy housing. Those with limited resources experience higher rates of inadequate and unstable housing many times forcing them to ...