The Lived Experience of Counselors Working with End of Life Clients



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Phenomenological inquiry was used to explore the feelings, experience, and education of licensed professional counselors working with end-of-life clients. Participants were recruited through convenience and snowball sampling processes. The participants met the following inclusion criteria: (a) currently fully licensed professional counselor and (b) work with end-of-life clients. Semi-structured, individual interviews were conducted to answer the research question. The research question guiding the study was: What are the experiences and perceived levels of preparedness of counselors working with end-of-life clients? Eleven participants were selected using the convenience sampling method. Of the 11 participants, nine were women and two were men. Participants’ years of experience ranged from two to 26 and their ages ranged from 31 to 58. Moustaka’s (1994) modification of the Stevick-Colaizzi Keen method was utilized for data analysis. A total of three themes and subthemes were identified: counselor experience (end-of-life client experience, work knowledge, and death knowledge), counselor self-management (self-care and self-awareness), and counselor’s advice.



Education, Guidance and Counseling