Team Performance Pay and Motivation Theory: A Mixed Methods Study




Wells, Pamela
Combs, Julie P.
Bustamante, R. M.

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The Journal of Research in Education


This study was conducted to explore teachers’ perceptions of a team performance pay program in a large suburban school district through the lens of motivation theories. Mixed data analysis was used to analyze teacher responses from two archival questionnaires (Year 1, n = 368; Year 2, n = 649). Responses from teachers who participated in the team pay performance system reflected high levels of expectancy. Results were mixed for teachers’ perceptions of equity. Some teachers expressed concerns related to distributive justice and procedural justice of the performance pay process. Implications for researchers and practicing educators are discussed.


Article originally published in The Journal of Research in Education


Teacher performance, Team performance pay, Performance pay, Motivation theory


Wells, P., Combs, J.P., Bustamante, R.M. (2013). Team performance pay and motivation theory: A mixed methods study. The Journal of Research in Education, 2, 116-125.