Diffusion of virtual reality in audiences viewing popular music



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Virtual reality hardware has recently expanded into more consumer markets with products such as Google Cardboard, Samsung VR and the Oculus Rift while the software applications hosting the content make it much more available for audiences to access different types of VR content including music content such as music videos or live events. This thesis conducted a survey to determine how members of an online community listen to music and how they choose to use or are likely to use these VR platforms for different VR content to provide insight as to which media content that producers and advertisers can focus on to create more successful VR content. A survey was taken by 246 participants, and the results show that although members of online communities consider a variety of different uses for VR platforms, music experiences aren’t yet being adopted by enough of them while other VR content such as video games are much more popular.



Virtual Reality, Diffusion of Innovations, Early Adopters, Internet Communication Technologies, Music