A study of the Federal Aviation Administration's patrol




McInnis, William Lee,1942-

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Sam Houston State University


The purpose of this study was to examine the utilization of the dual trained patrol/explosive detector dog currently employed by the Federal Aviation Administration at twenty major airports throughout the United States. The program utilized the advanced multi-purpose dog trained to function as a conventional police dog but with the additional capability of detecting explosives. This Law Enforcement Assistance Administration funded program trained civilian law enforcement officers and dogs in patrol dog handling and explosive detection for the purpose of providing airport security. Primary research for this study consisted of reviewing and analyzing the inspection and evaluation reports on each of the civilian enforcement agencies utilizing the patrol/explosive detector dogs in support of local airports. The on-site evaluation reports were compiled by Air Force personnel from the Military Working Dog Program, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Team members utilized an approved standardized inspection and evaluation report for the collection of the data. Findings: The Federal Aviation Administration's patrol/explosive detector dog program is a viable canine operation. It is accomplishing its primary objective of providing aircraft/bomb threat search capability at twenty strategically located airports throughout the United States. Once assured of the dogs' capability to function in the manner for which they were trained, the study examined the administrative, training and logistical support provided by the responsible agencies. Analysis was conducted in the following areas: (1) Proficiency training (2) Vehicle requirements (3) Veterinary support (4) Kenneling facilities (5) Alert procedures Conclusions were in the form of recommendations for the continuation of the program and an outline of proposed corrective action for all agencies involved.



Federal Aviation Administration, airports, United States of America, Patrol dog, Texas, Airport security