Exploration of Network Vulnerabilities in Ring Home Security Systems




Shashidhar, Narasimha K
Varol, Cihan

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Ring home security devices are ubiquitous in current society. However, we assert that very little has been understood about the vulnerabilities faced by these devices. In this project, we sought to study the very popular Ring home security system, with the goal of analyzing and modeling its network traffic. We attempted to show that such a Ring system can be used to gather information on its owner without their knowledge or consent; and we determined the feasibility of, and likelihood that the device is collecting data on behalf of its manufacturer. Target artifacts include the date and time the homeowner enters/ leaves their home; whether a triggered detection device contacts an outside server or just the hub device, and what data it sends; and the feasibility of decrypting and monitoring such traffic from outside the system. Methods included multiple vectors of network collection and analysis.



Network Security, Internet of Things, Ring, Cybersecurity