Gun Control and Gun Free Zones




Dulude, David

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



One of the major issues that seem to be going on in the United States of late is the fact that mass shootings are happening predominately in gun free zones. People have the false sense of security because of the idea that a gun free zone is safe because nobody can have guns in the area with the exception of law enforcement. The places that have been deemed as gun free zones are mostly areas that have the most vulnerable in our society. Schools are the largest gun free zones in the United States and these children are the most vulnerable. It is our duty as a society to protect these individuals. So having an area that is protected by a law stating that the area is a gun free zone may sound great on paper but in practically it’s an easy place for someone that wishes to do harm to be able to do it with little or no risk of being stopped prior to the harm being done. A law does not physically stop someone from doing harm. It only works if the person decides to obey the law. In 1990, with the passing of the Gun Free Zone Act, it created an easy place for people to inflict harm on others with very little risk of being stopped prior to them committing the acts. The Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 needs to be repealed completely. With the repealing of this act, it will again allow law-abiding citizens to carry weapons in areas that the law had previously outlawed. Non-law abiding citizens have been carrying in these locations even when the law was put in force. In addition, it will create a truly safe environment for children to be in while they are at school. As stated, the repealing of the Gun Free Zone Act of 1990 will create a truly safe environment for people.


Gun control, Firearms -- laws and legislation