A survey of physical education, athletics, and intramurals in the AAAA high schools of Texas



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Purpose: The purpose of this survey was to examine the procedures in the administration of physical education, athletics and intramurals in the AAAA high schools of Texas. The survey was concerned with published material in the areas of history, roles, methods, organization, procedures, administration, public relations, aims, objectives, facilities, budgets, grading, athletic codes, liability, insurance, duties, teacher load, equipment and fees. A wealth of material was found in periodicals, books and presentations to conferences. Procedures being used by AAAA high schools was revealed by a questionnaire. Method: The data was obtained by a questionnaire sent to 222 AAAA high schools in Texas. The questionnaire was addressed to the school principal to be partially completed and passed on to the director of physical education, athletic director and intramural director. Findings: 1. Positions of directorship of Physical Education, Athletics and Intramurals overlap with each other. 2. Schools offer school insurance but make no requirement of it for physical education students. 3. Coaches are assigned various duty posts and usually have four classes. 4. Most schools control funds with a budget. 5. Schools are striving to have good physical education programs. 6. Public relations is helping school programs by informing the public of events, seminars and competition. 7. Intramural programs are set up in most schools to allow competition for the non-athlete. 8. Most schools maintain facilities to support at least a minimal program, and many exceed the recommended standards. 9. Recreational activities are recognized are recognized and offered in physical education classes. 10. Student evaluation is approaching a professional outlook. 11. Lifetime sports are beginning to be recognized and grow as a part of the physical education curriculum.



Physical education and training--Texas., School sports--Texas.