Gun Control and the Benefits of Not Having It




Nichols, Travis

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



The common defense for citizens is law enforcement officers, but despite law enforcements best efforts, law abiding citizens are still being murdered, raped, robbed, violently assaulted, and downright victimized. The best defense a law abiding citizen has against these vicious perpetrators is the second amendment of the United States Constitution. The second amendment affords law abiding citizens the right to arm themselves (with guns) and thus giving the citizen the correct tool to fight back against predatory criminals and protect themselves. It has been shown in several areas of the United States, when law abiding citizen’s second amendment rights are not infringed upon with strict gun laws, there is a reduction of crime. Armed citizens on multiple occasions have saved the lives of law enforcement officers and aided them in their law enforcement objective. When it comes down to it, a law abiding citizen and law enforcement are on the same team, and can greatly benefit each other. Gun control laws have negative effects toward the law abiding populace and in some cases has prevented citizens from stopping the carnage of a mass shooting. The perpetrators of these vicious acts clearly do not care about the law. So to assume that these suspects care about gun laws is folly. Laws are meant to govern, provide order, and to protect the citizens. Criminals that choose to prey upon the citizenry have chosen not to abide by laws that have already been set forth. Law enforcement agencies should further educate its citizens on proper gun safety, proper use, and what actions to take once they have used a gun to defend themselves. Together law enforcement and the citizens who chose to abide by the law, can make the country safer.


Gun control, Firearms -- laws and legislation