Stopped for a Traffic Ticket: A Getaway Scale Index




Souryal, Sam S.

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Have you ever wondered why you wind up each year with more traffic tickets than your friends whom you consider worse drivers than you are? The chances are they talk their way out of them, at least some. They know how to cultivate the officers tactfully, how to sell them a good story, and how to secure their collaboration. These are obviously delicate tasks which involve considerable risks. In order to be able to handle these tasks successfully you must have a talent for game planning and strategy. More importantly, before you attempt to play the game of evading traffic tickets you must be better informed about your chances. It is, therefore, important and necessary that you familiarize yourself with the Getaway Scale Index (GSI). In


An early draft of an article by Sam S. Souryal published my Sentry in fall 1979.


traffic ticket, Getaway Scale Index, evading traffic tickets


Souryal, S.S. (1979) Stopped for a Traffic Ticket: Your Getaway Scale Index. Sentry, Fall 1979.