Thomas Watt Gregory :1861-1933



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to trace the life of Thomas Watt Gregory by delving into the ancestry of the Gregory family, and into Gregory's work on behalf of Wilson in the election of 1912. His work as Attorney-General during the war years was given special attention. Methods: The methods used to obtain data in this study were interviews with members of the Gregory Family, the examination of books and magazines in various college libraries to determine what information had been published on Gregory's life, and the reading of microfilm files of several newspapers. Findings: The evidence presented in this work indicated that the following conclusion appear to be in order: 1. The work of Gregory in Texas on behalf of Wilson was a considerable importance to Wilson in the election of 1912. 2. As Attorney-General before the United States entered World War I, Gregory worked mainly anti-trust cases and, to a limited extent, with German espionage. 3. During the years of United States participation in World War I, Gregory's work was concerned with handling German Propaganda and dealing with citizen who would obstruct the war effort. 4. All the blame for injustices done to citizens during World War I cannot justly be placed on Gregory.



Gregory, Thomas Watt, election 1912, Wilson, Woodrow, Attorney-General