S.T.E.P. to Building Super Sergeants: A Departmental Specific Training Program Proposal.




Beyer, James

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



According the Police Executive Research Forum’s publication titled Promoting Excellence in First Line Supervision recommends giving sergeants training before they hit the streets, provide sergeants with scenario-based training, particularly on high-risk encounters, evaluate sergeants on key aspects of their roles, new sergeants should receive regular, detailed feedback, and provide sergeants with opportunities to develop their careers before and after promotion. A training program should be implemented by each department that addresses these issues specifically for that department prior to promotion. The Sergeant Transitional Education Program (S.T.E.P.) should be taught using adult learning principles and problem based scenarios. The problem based scenarios should address each of the job tasks identified of the supervisor position for that agency. S.T.E.P. should be taught prior to the new supervisor promoting. S.T.E.P. will help alleviate the fears of the department of the fear of liability for failure to train their supervisors adequately by providing feedback through a mentoring relationship with a field training supervisor.


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