The Need for School-Based Law Enforcement

Faulkenbery, Stephen A.
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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)
School violence is so much more than the shootings that pelage our news feeds. Teachers and school administrators are fighting a daily battle with student’s bad behavior and class disruptions. Each one of these class outbursts causes the learning environment to stop and deal with the select few students causing problems. A school employee should not have to revert to the fight or flight mentality and protect themselves against physical assaults, theft or threats from their students. The need for a school based law enforcement program is greatly warranted. The school resource officer is a person on campus who can be relied on to be there for the growing problems so the educator can focus on teaching. School police officers are not only there to enforce the law, but can be utilized as mentors, counselors and positive role models in a child’s life. The school officer will build lasting relationships with the students and leave a positive outcome as the child grows into adulthood.
Campus Police, Campus Security, Police Services for Juveniles