Inmates on display: The reinforcements of social exclusion and silences through the presentation of history at the Texas Prison Museum



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The aim of this research is to provide an understanding of how the representation of an ostracized social group, that also happens to be a stakeholder, is affected by museum exhibits. Moreover, it intends to provide critical analysis of the presentation of controversial topics in the field of prison tourism. This will be done through a case study of the Texas Prison Museum, examining its displays on capital punishment and inmate punishment, arguably the most controversial topics in the museum. The Texas Prison Museum’s displays of these two topics create silences in the Texas prison system’s history through symbolic annihilation. Moreover, it also silences discourses that relate to these topics, like human and prisoner rights.



Dark tourism, Prison tourism, Heritage studies, Human rights, Prisoner rights, Capital punishment, Corporal punishment, Texas, Public history, Research Subject Categories::LAW/JURISPRUDENCE