33.6 Kw Pv Based Ev Fast Charging Station at SHSU




Pecen, Reg
Yildiz, Faruk
Coogler, Keith

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The objective of this project is to install a 33.6 kW solar array on Sam Houston State University’s (SHSU) campus and connect it to a nearby campus transformer by a 50 kW capacity, 3-phase grid-tie inverter. A Charge-Point Express 250 DC fast charger will also be installed on the SHSU campus near the PhotoVoltaics (PV) array to charge electric vehicles (EV). The project will also include an outdoor educational display describing how the overall system operates and environmental savings are secured. Fully sponsored by Entergy Energy Services, Inc.’s Environmental Initiatives Funding (EFA), this project provides a multitude of benefits by placing an EV fast charger on campus with it being convenient for the citizens of Huntsville, TX and electric vehicle drivers traveling between Houston and Dallas. The project will also serve as a showcase to the SHSU community for the growing importance of renewable energy resources and display a unique example of how clean power is generated on campus.



energy resilience, engineering technology, EV charging, renewable energy


Pecen, Reg, Yildiz, Faruk, Dakeev, Michael, Coogler, Keith, & Von Rosenberg, Kevin. (2023, Sep 26). 33.6 Kw Pv Based Ev Fast Charging Station at SHSU. Poster presented at ORSP Scholarly Innovation Summit, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville TX.