Body Worn Cameras: Making Them Mandatory




Yates, Billy

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



The evolution of law enforcement paints a clear picture detailing enormous change during the 21st century. Unfortunately, in most cases, the precursor to change is chaos. As a profession, law enforcement is constantly changing. In order for law enforcement agencies to grow, they need to change as well. Technology has become more advanced in the past 20 years, with one example being the application of the body worn camera. Due to the recent chaotic events surrounding law enforcement, body worn cameras have become a tool providing law enforcement agencies with an alternative avenue to achieve their objects. Some of these objectives include reducing use of force, aiding in agency transparency, increasing the number of unfounded complaints, and assisting with modifying officer behavior. Body worn cameras have proven to be an asset to officers and law enforcement. BWC are an additional item the officer can add to his or her toolbox that will assist them in fulfilling their duties, and assist them in protecting their community in which they serve. For these reasons, all law enforcement agencies should obtain body worn cameras


Police-community relations, Wearable Video Devices in Police Work