Open Carry of Patrol Rifles As a Defense to Mass Shooting Situations

Guzman III, Edward
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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)
Every day, many people and their families attend large events in their communities. Events such as parades, carnivals, concerts, rodeos, and block parties are just a few examples. These families often go about the day with little to no worry of their safety. In fact, they may see several on duty police officers at these events as well. The officer’s main priority is keeping the peace and maintaining a safe environment at that specific event. The unfortunate reality of these types of events is that they are extremely susceptible to a mass shooting or mass killing event. There are several examples throughout history showing the damage that a person with ill intent can cause in an area populated with a large amount of the public. The officers assigned to secure these events are normally not carrying the ideal weapon to protect innocent lives if an attack like this occurs. Although the officers are well trained and armed with handguns, they will not be much help against a person using any type of rifle or long gun. Officers assigned to secure large crowded events should be carrying a patrol rifle. With proper education of the public, training of the officers, and specific policy mandates, this would be an excellent defense to a problem that is faced too often.
Rifles, Police--Equipment and Supplies