A survey of Brenham office workers and machines



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to obtain occupational information concerning office workers and machines in Brenham, Texas, and to present it in order to determine whether or not changes should be made in the business curriculum in Brenham High School. A secondary purpose of the study was to provide a limited amount of guidance information for the business teachers. In making the study special attention was given to: (1) job opportunities available for prospective office workers, (2) salaries offered, (3) duties performed by the office workers, (4) educational background of present employees, (5) educational weaknesses of present employees, (6) types of office machines used, and (7) educational standards required or preferred by the employers of their office workers. Methods: The survey method was used in collecting the data for this study. Questionnaires were constructed and distributed to the office employees and employers. Along with the questionnaire, the personal interview and observation method were used to some extent. This was possible because the person doing the study presented the questionnaires in person. Findings: After the gathering and analysis of the data collected for this study, the following conclusions appear to be in order. 1. Most of the training received by local office workers on office machines has been on-the-job training. A large number of employers have indicated that the ability to use office machines is a scholastic weakness of present employees. Other important scholastic weaknesses are in English grammar, spelling, and the ability to compose letter. 2. The local high school is doing very little to help its graduates obtain jobs in the local offices. 3. The majority of the employers only require a high school education for applicants seeking office positions, and approximately fifty per cent require previous experience. 4. There is a need for more cooperation between the school authorities and local businessmen in giving students the opportunity to visit in the local business classes as guest speakers. 5. Accuracy, courtesy, loyalty, ability to follow instructions, neatness in work, promptness, and initiative are considered by the employers as the most important vocational traits for employees in Brenham offices to possess. 6. The average salary of Brenham office workers is $225 per month. The majority of the workers make less than $250 per month. The average length of employment is 6.05 years. 7. Job opportunities in the city of Brenham are limited by the small number jobs available, the slow turnover of personnel, and the competition from married women. 8. Typewriting, handling money in the office, and preparing statements are the duties performed by a majority of the Brenham office workers. 9. The most popular business courses taken in high school were typewriting, bookkeeping, and shorthand. 10. The most desired training of Brenham office workers is in correspondence, accounting, and office machines. 11. The most popular business machines in Brenham offices are: Royal typewriters, Burroughs adding machines, Monroe and Remington calculators, Burroughs bookkeeping machines, and A. B. Dick duplicating machines.



Office practice--Automation., Business education--Texas--Brenham.