Administration Should Strengthen the Department Through Rotating Positions

Eoff, Terry
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Police administrations are faced with many difficult decisions and obstacles as they provide law enforcement services to the public. The key factor in providing quality service is the personnel in which they employ. Since 2010 it has been difficult for agencies to hire and keep quality police officers. Administrations are tasked with finding new and innovative ways to hire employees and retain them. The opportunity of moving throughout a police agency can be used as a hiring tactic. Police departments can accomplish the goal of keeping their employees by setting up a rotating schedule. This type of schedule is key to keeping officers engaged in the organization. It will challenge the officers as they move through different roles within the department while increasing their skills, knowledge, and morale. While moving through the different roles, the officers will become better trained, which will strengthen the department. Strengthening the department through rotating positions will work, if implemented based on the department it is designed for. Officers on rotating positions will learn all aspects of the agency and be able to take the department’s message forward.

Police Administration, Leadership, Police--Supervision of Leadership