Requiring Tactical and Practical First Aid for all First Responders




Tittle, Jody Allen

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Practical and tactical first aid is not usually addressed in law enforcement first responders in this day and age. Regular police academy training typically includes basic first aid education such as C.P.R. Most departments believe it suffices to mandate first aid training. Gunshot wounds are the biggest contributor officers’ deaths. Research has shown that without stabilizing gunshot trauma, an officer can die within five minutes (Kastre & Kleinman, 2012). Emergency medical services are usually deployed to assist in an environment that is still unsafe. The purpose of this research is to start a momentum of change in the way of operating and training that causes a buy into all those involved and its importance to the law enforcement community. Tactical first aid training should be a vital part of police academies and continued training throughout an officer’s career. Simple combat medical training does not make officers to become paramedics but can help in treating themselves or others until help is available.


Emergency Management, Medical emergencies