A White Paper on Teaching Excellence in Criminal Justice




Souryal, Sam S.

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This paper reiterates two classic academic propositions: First, intellect without a disciplined mind is worthless and a disciplined mind without intellect is dangerous. This proposition suggests that regardless of faculty efforts, students will not receive quality learning unless they fully understand the theory of "what is being taught, where did it come from, and what is it good for, " and Second, teaching that does not produce quality learning is futile since it can only reinforce ignorance. Therefore, to achieve teaching excellence, it is imperative to consider these two propositions and to rethink the profession of teaching in a new and judicious manner r~cognizing that it is not what the instructors say in the classroom that fosters quality learning, but rather what the students hear and interpret that can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence (Luntz, 2007, xiii).


A professional white paper of teaching Criminal Justice that is believed to not be published. Written around 2008 or later.


teaching, criminal Justice, teaching standards