Addressing Police Morale: A High Priority




Cantu, Ocsar

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



There are many things required for a well-functioning police department. Even in today’s tough hiring times, departments are focused on trying to hire the right officers for their department. Policed departments are always looking at new equipment for their officers, as well as constantly looking at new training opportunities for their officers. The leaders in law enforcement generally do what they can to ensure their officers have what it takes to do a good job. Even with all this, the national turnover rate continues to climb in law enforcement. One of the things that is often overlooked or neglected is the morale of the employees. Addressing morale issues within an agency should be placed on a high priority for police agencies. Officers with morale issues could leave their department in search of a “better” department, causing a turnover problem for the agency. This could cause serious issues with hiring, especially with the problems that are already associated with finding good qualified applicants. With all the stresses already associated in police work, high morale is imperative in law enforcement. Some will argue that morale will always exist, that poor morale is caused by decisions out of the control of leaders, or that morale usually only deals with a few certain officers with their agency. The role of an officer in today’s world is harder than it ever was before. It is even harder to fill the police vacancies in departments because of so many variables are out of the department’s control. Because of this, addressing police morale should be placed as a high priority in all agencies. This is one concept that is within reach, and agencies should do everything they can to try and eliminate poor morale in police agencies.


Employee Motivation, Employee Morale