Drugs and the police applicant




Coss, Alejandro

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Police agencies from around the country are struggling to attract new applicants to meet their needs (Swope, 1999). Several factors have reduced the applicant pool from which police departments will choose their future employees (Swope, 1999). Although the applicant pool has dwindled, the need for more law enforcement officers continues to increase (Swope, 1999). An ever-growing population will only expand the demand in the years to come (Eiserer, 2007). Illicit use of prescription medications have found themselves on police applications in growing numbers (Bruns, 2010). Specifically, the popularity of medications normally prescribed to individuals suffering fromAttention Deficit Disorder (or ADD) has increased (Yanes, 2014). Currently, use of these drugs without a prescription is considered a felony and disqualifies the candidates from law enforcement agencies (Yanes, 2014). While reason for concern is warranted, the growing popularity in some of the most prestigious schools coupled with an ever-growing need for law enforcement officers and a shortage of applicants, the following can be concluded (Yanes, 2014). The use of ADDmedications without a prescription should not disqualify a police applicant from employment in law enforcement. Police applicants who use non-prescribed ADD medication while attending college for the sole purpose of studying, in spite of this, are still very qualified applicants. Their use of these drugs is not intended for recreational use and this fact should be taken under consideration. Many college students cease usage after graduation. Law enforcement agencies will have to adjust their policy, either in regards to ADD medications or other qualifications, if they intend to maintain adequate staffing levels with the available applicant pool.


Discuss the use of drugs without a prescription effects of the job applicants for police agencies.


police selection and appointment, employee drug testing, drug testing of police