Smartphone Forensic Challenges

Krishnan, Sundar
Zhou, Bing
An, Min Kyung
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International Journal of Computer Science and Security

Globally, the extensive use of smartphone devices has led to an increase in storage and transmission of enormous volumes of data that could be potentially be used as digital evidence in a forensic investigation. Digital evidence can sometimes be difficult to extract from these devices given the various versions and models of smartphone devices in the market. Forensic analysis of smartphones to extract digital evidence can be carried out in many ways, however, prior knowledge of smartphone forensic tools is paramount to a successful forensic investigation. In this paper, the authors outline challenges, limitations and reliability issues faced when using smartphone device forensic tools and accompanied forensic techniques. The main objective of this paper is intended to be consciousness-raising than suggesting best practices to these forensic work challenges.

Article originally published in Internation Journal of Computer Science and Security
Smartphone Forensics, Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Mobile Security
Krishnan, S., Zhou, B., An, MK. Smartphone Forensic Challenges. International Journal of Computer Science and Security 13 (5), 183 – 200. 2019.