The Panama Canal zone flag war of January 1964 :an example of cause and effect



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Purpose: To examine the causes and accomplishments as well as the riots, precipitated by thee unauthorized display of the American flag by the United States students at the Balboa High School in the Canal Zone in January 1964. Methods: The following sources found in the Estill and Fondren libraries were used to obtain material for this study: (1) primary source books, (2) United States Government Documents, (3) special reports, (4) reviews, (5) newspapers, (both the United States and Panamanian), (6) journals, and (7) personal interview with an eye witness. Findings: From the evidence presented in this study the following conclusions appear valid. 1. The original treaty in 1902 was ill-conceived. 2. Method by which the Canal was obtained has been a constant source of injured Panamanian pride. 3. Inadvertent creation of an enclave within Panama. 4. Panamanian politicians find it quite appropriate to use the United States as a “whipping boy” in an effort to conceal home grown shortcomings. 5. Increasingly imperative that a new treaty be negotiated between Panama and the United States. 6. Failure to do so will intensify chances for riots of one kind or another. 7. Panama uses the riots to extract additional concessions from the United States. 8. Time is running out as to the value of the Canal. 9. Panama is gaining world sympathy for sovereignty in her own territory. 10. No treaty between nations can endure forever.



Panama--History, Panama Canal, unauthorized display of flag, riots, canal zone