Strategic Searching Guided Notes

Crane, Ashley
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These guided notes were used with a Fall 2018 MATH 1384 - Intro Foundations of Math I, a required course for students seeking elementary or middle school teacher certification, during the first of two library instruction sessions focused on building the library research skills necessary to complete their undergraduate research project. Guided notes encourage students recognize what they are expected to focus on, to use active listening during instruction, and space to connect to prior knowledge and/or think about the material. The guided notes have two components, one during class and one out of class. The in-class component takes place during instruction, approximately 20-30mins. The out of class component is to be completed with previously assigned small groups in preparation for the second library instruction, allowing the librarian to gauge how well the group was able to apply the concepts/skills taught and modify their instruction to address student needs.

Two files are included: the blank guided notes sheet and a completed one.

Guided notes worked well in this situation as students were engaged during instruction, adequately performed basic searching skills, recognized when they needed further assistance from the librarian, and set up additional small group appointments.

Math, Education, Library research skills, Searching, Undergraduate Research, High Impact Practices