Criteria used by college and university coaches in the state of Texas in their selection of prospective football players



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Purpose The purpose of this study was to examine the methods and procedures that collegiate coaches used in recruiting prospective football players in the state of Texas. The study was involved with three specific phases: (1) physical qualifications; (2) academic merits; (3) moral and ethical traits. Method The method used to aquire the data was a questionnaire sent to all forty junior colleges, colleges, and universities in the state that maintain intercollegiate football programs. Each coach chosen to complete the questionnaire was head of the football program at that particular school Findings 1. Height and weight were not criteria for recruiting football players by the majority of the schools. However, three of the six colleges that had height and weight requirements were conference champions, which perhaps indicates that there may be a relationship between height and weight requirements and successful football teams. 2. Speed was a factor that was considered in recruiting. 3. Academic standing was considered by college coaches when selecting athletes for scholarship. 4. In addition to talking with the athlete, other people were consulted by the recruiting coach in judging a player for scholarship. 5. Physical appearance was important at initial meetings between the recruiter and the prospective athlete.



Football--Coaching., Athletes, College Football, methods of recruiting