Police and News Media Relations




Eppler, Mike

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



The relationship between law enforcement agencies and the news media is a very crucial part of the public being informed about the events taking place in their community. This relationship has been very adversarial historically and it is of the utmost importance that these two entities strive to improve the working relationship they have with each other so there will be trust between law enforcement and the news media and trust from the public of both entities. Law enforcement agencies must be consistent in releasing accurate, timely information to the news media and the news media must be consistent in presenting this information to the public in a timely, accurate manner, the news media consists of television, radio, newsprint and on-line news providers. The positive relationship between law enforcement and the news media can is cultivated and nurtured by personnel. This is formed by both entities meeting in person, such as at a media breakfast or luncheon, with each other talking on a personal level and sharing information about each other, finding out about each other’s career paths and experiences, their goals for the future and talking about their families. Many things can hinder or delay the release of information, many of which are unavoidable. A key component of keeping the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the news media positive is to explain the reason that certain information cannot be released when requested. When this positive relationship is maintained, both entities are more accountable to the public and the public is better served.


Police and mass media, Police-community relations