Returning the Veteran to Police Service: Establishing a TCOLE-Mandated Reintegration Program in the State of Texas




Cullison, John A.

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



As veterans return from deployments across the globe they face many challenges ranging from significant amounts of time separated from family and friends, to dealing with the nature of modern day, asymmetrical warfare during their deployment. This means our veterans who are members of law enforcement encounter unique circumstances as they transition from a warrior mindset back to a guardian mindset. Having an effective process in place to facilitate this transition is an important and fundamental responsibility the law enforcement agency and the communities share ensuring the returning veteran is once again grounded in the notion they are primarily charged with a mission to protect and serve. To accomplish this task it is imperative that law enforcement agencies are equipped with the tools needed to build a cohesive line of communication between the returning veteran and the law enforcement agency. No longer can an ad hoc system of reintegrating veterans back into their previous roles exist. The uneasiness and uncertainty can be curtailed by boldly pursuing the creation of a veteran reintegration program to be established at every law enforcement agency in the State of Texas.


Psychology of Veterans, Police--Selection and Appointment