Latino Osteopathic Medical Student Audio Series – Stephen Alvarado




Alvarado, Stephen, Osteopathic Medical Student
Alvarez, Diego F, Professor Physiology and Pharmacology

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Bridging Horizons: Audio Series on a medical career journey for undergraduate students with Stephen Alvarado. There is an undisputable need to increase Hispanic diversity in medical education and healthcare. Discover the inspiring world of medicine through "Bridging Horizons," an audio series designed to empower and guide Hispanic undergraduate students on their path to medical school. Delve into the personal stories and triumphs of Hispanic medical students, giving insights into their cultural perspectives on how to start the journey to becoming a medical professional. This audio series highlights the cultural attributes of medical students and their successful stories from navigating fears and uncertainties to initiating their medical career path up to their school’s admission. "Bridging Horizons" is a platform that celebrates the resilience, achievements, and contributions of Hispanic individuals in the initial journey to becoming medical professionals. Join us in fostering a supportive community for Hispanic prospective med students, offering practical advice on engagement to break down barriers, bridge cultural gaps, and provide a roadmap for aspiring Hispanic medical professionals. Tune in for a roadmap to success, from undergraduate studies to medical school admission.



underrepresented minorities in medicine, undergraduate education, Hispanic access to medical school, Latino pathways to medicine, Hispanic Medical Student Stories


Alvarado S, Alvarez DF. Bridging Horizons Latino Osteopathic Medical Student Audio Series – Stephen Alvarado. Scholarly Works @ SHSU; 2024.