A survey of Huntsville office workers



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to collect date and present it to clarify the many situations characteristic in Huntsville offices, thus giving prospective office workers of Huntsville a clearer picture of what to expect in seeking employment. Special consideration was given to (1) the opportunities available for prospective office workers, (2) the duties performed by Huntsville office workers, (3) the educational background on Huntsville office workers, (4) the salaries of Huntsville office workers, (5) the office machines used in Huntsville office and the training of the operators, and (6) the employment preferences of Huntsville employers of office workers. Method: The survey method was used for this study. However, observation and personal contact of Huntsville office workers and their employers was utilized somewhat, implying a combination of personal interview and observation interwoven into the survey method. Findings: After having gathered and analyzed pertinent information from Huntsville office workers and their employers, the following conclusions appear to be in order: 1. The city of Huntsville has limited opportunities for prospective office workers because of the small number of available jobs, the slow turnover of office workers, and the competition among numerous qualified office workers. The married females with office experience and college background have the best chance for employment, and the secretarial and clerical positions offer more opportunities for advancements in salaries and positions than do any other office positions. 2. Typewriting, answering the telephone, and filing are the duties most performed by Huntsville office workers. The most desired training of Huntsville workers is more academic and shorthand training. 3. The Huntsville office workers have an outstanding educational background as a whole. Most of the office workers of Huntsville have college training. 4. The average salary for Huntsville office workers is approximately $215 per month. 5. The office machines that are most widely used in Huntsville Officers are: Royal typewriters, Burroughs adding machines, and Ditto duplicating machines. Most Huntsville office workers were trained on the job or in school for the operation of office machines. 6. Most employers prefer office workers in the age range of 23 to 32 years of age. Accuracy, following instructions, neatness in work, courtesy, and loyalty are considered by the employers as the most essential vocational traits for employees in Huntsville offices to possess.



Clerks--Texas--Huntsville, office workers, Texas workers, survey