An evaluation of the Sam Houston State Teachers College Business Administration Department by 1950 to 1960 Bachelor of Business Administration graduates



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to secure information which can be utilized to improve the aims of the business administration department at Sam Houston State Teachers College and thereby provide added opportunities for future graduates of that department. Special consideration has been given to (1) the comments and data furnished by the 105 S.H.S.T.C. 1950-1960 B.B.A. graduates replying to the questionnaire; (2) the existing program of the business administration at Sam Houston; (3) the history of Sam Houston and the business administration department; and (4) the recommendations for improvement of the business administration department made by the graduates. Methods: The methods used to obtain data for this study were (1) written questionnaires to 685 S.H.S.T.C. 1950-1960 B.B.A. graduates; and (2) the examination of books and business periodicals. Findings: From the data contained in this study the following recommendations appear to be in order: 1. More accounting courses should be offered and preparatory courses for the Certified Public Accountant examination should be included. 2. The business administration department should be improved by placing more emphasis upon better equipment, more space, higher standards of achievement, improved methods of instruction, and more rigid qualifications of instructors. 3. English grammar and spelling should be emphasized. 4. More students should be encouraged to obtain teaching certificates. 5. Students should be aided in choosing a minor that is complementary to their major that will help them in future employment. 6. More emphasis should be placed on the skills needed in teaching courses common to high school curriculum such as typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping.



Business Education, Business Aministration Department, Sam Houston State Teacher College, Higher Standards