A study of child abuse in Corpus Christi, Texas




Brown, Elsa Cisneros,1931-

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Purpose The objectives of this study were to bring the problem of child abuse into focus in this particular city and to determine if there were significant differences in the abusive parent profile between Anglo-American and Mexican-American cultures and their influences on child abuse. Methods The methods used in this study were the collection of data on abused children from Domestic Relations Court and Child Protective Services records, Public Health agencies, local hospitals, local physicians, by questionnaire, and personal involvement as a registered nurse. Findings The study indicates that the incidence of child abuse in Corpus Christi has drastically increased since 1972. The study also reveals that the reports of child abuse come from families in the lower socioeconomic level with more frequency than those in the middle and upper level of society. The study suggests that there are no significant differences in the incidence of child abuse among the Mexican-American and the Anglo-American families. The study also suggests that the problem of child abuse needs the services of many professional disciplines in order to receive comprehensive and adequate care.



Child abuse--Texas--Corpus Christi., Child welfare--Texas--Corpus Christi