Stated versus real purposes of the St. Paul Walther League



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to present the formal stated objectives of the Walther League, an international organization of Lutheran young people within the Synodical Conference of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, as promulgated by the International organization and to compare them with the real objectives as practiced by the Walther Leaguers of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas. Also, to redefine the League's objectives in an effort to indicate what can be done to make the League more meaningful to the members of the St. Paul Society. Methods: Information for this study was obtained by personal interviews with the young people of the St. Paul Walther League, the pastor of St. Paul church, other League counselors; by group interviews with the St. Paul Leaguers and by the use of prepared questionnaires. In addition books, pamphlets, and periodicals from the National Walther League Headquarters, the Houston Public Library, the library of St. Paul Lutheran Church, and the writer's personal library were used, Findings This study briefly discussed the history of the League, indicating its growth and accomplishments since its organization in 1893. The ten original objectives of the early League were listed. The five amended objectives of the League were presented and discussed, and it was shown that the League of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas has not practiced these objectives for the four and one--half year period studied. A response Inventory was used to help detect attitudes, feelings, beliefs and areas of action of the St. Paul Leaguers, the St. Paul League parents, and the Houston area pastors. This Inventory attempted to provide (1) factual information, (2) a variety of information, (3) data on attitudes and feelings, (4) data that could be easily translated into meaningful and useful information, and (5) useful data from all three groups i.e., St. Paul Leaguers, parents and Houston area pastors. The responses resulting from this Inventory were analyzed and conclusions were drawn based on those responses. A list of general findings was presented. This study should serve as a guide to help the St. Paul Leaguers understand why it is they lack enthusiasm and should provide them with a foundation from which they can reorganize their thinking and attitudes to bring about a renewed vigor in the League. Recommendations: The information in this study indicates that the following recommendations seem to be in order: 1 . The Leaguers of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas should educate themselves in the Walther League's objectives of worship, education, service, recreation, and fellowship in order to reorganize their society in a manner which will give purpose and direction to their coming together. 2. To supplement these objectives, the Leaguers should substitute their desire for more variety in their social activities with action. Also, more attention should be paid by the Leaguers to the organization and planning of these activities. 3. More effort should be expended by the Leaguers to obtain adult guidance and adult acceptance. 4. Delinquent members should be removed from the League rolls to allow for better program planning. 5. An effort should be made by the Leaguers to increase the number of primary relationships in the League. This can be achieved by a. Providing projects in which all Leaguers are interested. b. Having socials in which all can participate. c. Establishing a "friendship" chairman whose duties would be to arrange between meetings get—togethers among members of the League. d. Getting together as a group between planned activities. e. Having a better purpose to come together than Just to have fun. f. Becoming involved in church work as a group. g. Allowing the word of God to become a dominant factor in League activity. h. Becoming more spiritually active in as well as away from League. 6. The Leaguers should elect strong and resourceful leaders who will reorganize the League in strict accordance with parliamentary procedure and who will see that these procedures are adhered to in all League meetings. 7. Parents should be educated about the League--its purpose and its function--so that they will become aware of their responsibility to encourage their children toward more active participation in League affairs. 8. Responsible Jobs in the church should be provided for League youth to perform. 9. The League should adopt a strong program of support for some church need. 10. The League should stop trying to compete with secular organizations and should realize its position in the spiritual life of its youth.



Church work with youth--Lutheran Church., Lutheran Church--St. Paul Walther League--Texas--Houston.