Connecting Parents with Disabilities to Essential Resources in Their Local Libraries​




Owens, Erin

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One in four Americans lives with a disability (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and more than half of adults live with at least one chronic condition such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, or hypertension (Boersma, Black, & Ward). Among these Americans, many are or wish to become parents: a 2012 estimate suggests that 4.1 million parents live with disabilities and a child under age 18 living at home (Kaye). A disability or chronic illness can significantly impact an individual’s physical or cognitive capabilities in relation to raising a child. Books about other parents with disabilities and their children are one kind of tool that may help families to process, discuss, and manage their experiences. The purpose of this project was to create and openly publish an annotated bibliography of essential resources that pertain to parenting while also navigating a parent’s disability or chronic illness. Various types of resources are included, such as self-help guides, personal memoirs, and children’s books. Additionally, various types of disabilities and illnesses which may impair a parent’s physical or cognitive functioning are represented. The project was supported by a 2022 Carnegie Whitney Grant from the American Library Association (ALA).


Poster presentation describing the grant-funded creation of the open bibliography, "Parenting with a Disability or Chronic Illness: An Essential Biography," available online at


parenting, disabilities, libraries, bibliography, books


Owens, Erin. (2023, Sep 26). Connecting Parents with Disabilities to Essential Resources in Their Local Libraries​. Poster presented at ORSP Scholarly Innovation Summit, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville TX.