Higher education and emerging technologies: Shifting trends in student usage.




Cassidy, Erin Dorris
Colmenares, Angela
Griffin, Glenda
Manolovitz, Tyler
Shen, Lisa
Vieira, Scott

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Journal of Academic Librarianship (Elsevier)


This study serves as an update to a previous study by Sam Houston State University librarians about the use and preferences of Internet, communication, and educational technologies among students. Since the previous study was initiated in 2010, the iPad has made its debut and significantly altered the educational technology landscape. In this new landscape, this study investigates student usage of such technologies as instant messaging, cell phones, e-readers, social networking, RSS feeds, podcasts, and tablets. In addition, this study aims to determine which technologies students prefer the library to utilize for a variety of services, such as reference assistance or book renewals, and which technologies may not be worth the investment, such as geosocial networking. The information gained from this survey is intended to provide guidance for libraries looking to provide services utilizing the most popular technologies with the most efficient use of resources. Survey results show an increasing use and dependence on educational technologies and a desire for basic library services to be available on a variety of platforms and technologies.



Information services—use studies, Information & communication technologies, College students, Tablet computers, Mobile devices, Web services


Cassidy, E. D., Colmenares, A., Jones, G., Manolovitz, T., Shen, L., & Vieira, S. (2014). Higher education and emerging technologies: Shifting trends in student usage. Journal of Academic Librarianship 40(2), 124-133. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2014.02.003