Current practices and trends of industrial safety in the greater Houston area

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Purpose: The purposes of this study were to ascertain the following in the Greater Houston area: (1) the degree to which safety education was employed; (2) the emphasis placed by industry on selected safety practices; (3) the emphasis placed by industry on selected safety practices; (3) the extent to which vital safety components were utilized. These components include: training and education, inspection, safety engineering and vocational hygiene. Methods: The methods used to obtain data for this study were (1) an investigation was made of pertinent literature; (2) a representative group of industrial firms were selected; (3) survey form was prepared; (4) questionnaire analyzed by advisory board; (5) questionnaire mailed to industrial representatives and results were tabulated; and (6) recommendations and summations. Findings: 1. Industries showed adequate utilization of safety practices; 2. Insignificant interest was expressed in initiation of certain safety programs in the future; 3. Definite trend as to months in which accident rates are highest and lowest; 4. Insignificant pressure on industry is exerted by state legal safety requirements.

Industrial safety--Texas--Houston.