The Southern Model of Broiler Production




Constance, Douglas H.

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Culture and Agriculture


This paper introduces the concept of the Southern Model of broiler production as the preferred organizational form in the global agrifood system. A synthesis of existing works on the broiler industry combined with new information documenting its global diffusion is employed to develop the concept of the Southern Model. The analysis of the events presented in the case support flexible accumulation over flexible specialization interpretations of the globalization of the Southern Model. The investigation of the historical development and diffusion of the Southern Model warrants special attention from researchers concerned with socio-economic implications of the restructuring of agrifood system as part of the globalization of economy and society.


This is Authors Accepted Version of the article published in 2008 by Culture and Agriculture


broilers, contract production, vertical integration, globalization


Constance, Douglas H. 2008. “The Southern Model of Broiler Production and Its Global Implications.” Culture and Agriculture 30(1):17-31.