Mandatory Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment During Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Alvarez, Rene
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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)
The law enforcement profession has used traditional assessment processes in which we have historically hired officers that are either smart, physically fit, or a combination of both. But, they do not typically do a thorough job assessing the officer’s human relation skills. Law enforcement needs to include a standardized process that also measures an officer’s “people skills” via an emotional intelligence assessment instrument. Law enforcement organizations should include emotional intelligence assessment instruments as part of the hiring process. EI is a skill that can be learned, and it makes officers more effective and leads to them having a better work-life balance. EI improves the service delivery for both the external interactions and the internal interactions. EI assessment instruments have been scientifically researched, vetted and successfully used in the private industry with positive results to assess job performance. This testing should become part of every hiring process and it should also become a tradition into the future. Law enforcement organizations should not lower their standards or change what is currently working for them but they should include this type of testing to capture the area of the process that is missing, which is people skills.
Police--Selection and Appointment, Police Recruits--Psychological Testing